Thursday, October 2, 2014

MacGregor, Sept. 26-28 2014

We finally made it back up to Port Elgin. We planned to have a visit with John and Joanne before there trip south but since we were both sick with colds we just had a short chat. We will have to get together on our next trip up that way as long as the weather lets us. Lets just say we had a low key weekend. We made a trip into Southampton on Friday after we set up camp so I could pick up my order of hot chocolate. On our way back we stopped at the market to get some of our squash for the winter. During the evening we spent some time out at the campfire but not as long as usual. Duncan was in bed early as he was not feeling well.
 Saturday we slept in a bit and had a relaxing morning. In the afternoon we traveled up to Sauble Falls to check out the scenery and the fall colours. On our way back we drove around Sauble Beach. It was busy at the beach with the weather being so nice. We stopped near the bird blind at Macgregor before heading back to our campsite. Just before we had a late supper the fog started to roll in so I went and got a few pictures. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying a campfire and playing some games on the ipad.
  Sunday was spent at our site. We had a pair of red-breasted nuthatches and a few chickadees enjoying the sunflower seeds I had put out. We also had two red squirrels. One of them was smaller so it must have been born this year. Both mornings we had a hairy woodpecker that was by as well. We went and parked by the beach area after packing up and enjoyed a walk to the visitors center and the pond area before heading home. It was an amazing warm weekend and hopefully not the last one of the season. I am looking forward to enjoying all the fall colours that the trees are starting to show.

My favourite colour is appearing on the leaves

Enjoying a peanut at our site

Trying to help himself from the supply

One of the flowers still in bloom at the park

Sauble Falls on a warm fall day

Milkweed seed that looks like a puff ball

Green Heron out fishing along the river

Having a good shake after eating a fish

The bees are still working to collect pollen

Fog rolling in at sunset

A tiny red squirrel at our campsite

One of the friendly Chickadee's that came to visit

Male Red-breasted Nuthatch getting a 
seed out of the crack on the picnic table

Female Red-breasted Nuthatch
Her eye is half closed

Enjoying some time in the sun

I was able to hand feed them as well. 
Check out his tongue

They are quite small but feisty as well

Canada Geese in formation heading south

A pair of Mute Swans on Lake Huron

Frog trying to hide in the grass

Feather with dew on the pond

Autumn colours along the pond edge
The turtles were basking in the sun

A feather and circles in the water by the boardwalk

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