Saturday, November 28, 2015

Snowman Time

I had Emma over night on Tuesday and all day Wednesday so we built a snowman with the packing snow we got on the weekend even though it was going to all melt away. We've been reading a new book about a snowman and his friends in the forest so it seemed like a fun way to spend some time out playing in the snow. Emma insisted that he not have a hat so that is why his hat is only on in a couple of the  She also had lots of fun taking his carrot nose out over and over again and then she wanted me to put it back in. We enjoyed our time out building the snowman but by the end of Thursday it was all melted away.  :o(

We built it to face the house so Emma 
could look at him from inside

Having fun taking off his nose

Emma looks good with red cheeks. Note the missing hat

She was quite happy with how he looked

P.S. Emma was wearing a hat and mitts but I took them off for the photos.

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