Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pinery Nov.13-15 2015

 The winds were howling and it was a little overcast but it was going to be a wonderful weekend.  Off we went to the Pinery to enjoy the fresh fall air and peacefulness that the late autumn has to offer in the parks. During our drive down we encountered snow and rain in different areas but the worst was the winds near St. Paul's. Duncan said it was the worst drive he has experienced and thought we were going to get blown over in a few spots. Once we arrived we set up and sat and relaxed for a bit to calm his nerves before heading into town to check out the surf. I don't think I have seen the lake so rough. I could barely hold onto the camera to get a few photos. Back at camp we enjoyed a hot bowl of homemade soup before spending a bit of time by the fire. It was a short one as the winds were still howling so we opted to relax indoors for the rest of the night.
 Saturday we explored the park for a while before heading into Grand Bend and then to Forest to do some Christmas shopping and enjoy the Christmas spirit that the shops were offering. It was almost sunset when were were heading back to camp. The sky was a brilliant orange and we looked forward to spending the rest of the day beside a warm fire. It was like an early fall night with the sky full of stars and almost no breeze. It was wonderful and we enjoyed every minute of the warmth from the flickering fire. There is nothing more relaxing than having a hot chocolate beside a crackling fire with the love of your life.
 Sunday was a warm 15 degrees so we did some exploring in the park. The winds on Friday had blown quite a bit on sand up onto the roadway by the beach and there was lots of debris along the shoreline. The park also had a fair bit of tree limbs littering the roadways.  Once back at camp we enjoyed brunch and spent some time with the birds and wildlife that came to visit. I really didn't want to head home as the sun and warmth was calling at me to stay along with the Tufted Titmouse birds that I can only enjoy at this park. They are such fun to watch as they fly in and out and interact  with each other.  Well. the car had been hooked up for a while now and Duncan is honking the horn at me so I had best say goodbye to a wonderful November weekend before he leaves without me.

Lots of big waves on Lake Huron

Even they have learned to co-operate

Can you see me now?
Friendly Dark-eyed Junco

Unusual to see rock lined like this at the beach

Keeping a watchful eye

Oak leaves holding onto their red

Tufted Titmouse standing at attention

Gray Squirrel basking in the sunlight

Mr. Nuthatch winking at

Late fall goldenrod in the morning sun

Chickadee posing for the camera

Lots of sand blown up onto the road

Beach debris from the strong winds

Showing a little dominace
Ms. Nuthatch showing her dominance
A roaring good fire

Something lost a feather

Colours of fall in mid November

Look up, look way up

I'm out of here

Chippy coming out of her burrow

Looking good in her winter coat

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