Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween Week At Home

 Since we spent Halloween at home and not out at a park in nature I had the opportunity to enjoy the nature and wildlife that came to visit me. While we were coming home from the market on Saturday we came across three herons at Columbia Lake so I was able to get a few photos. Most of this week we have had a number of cedar waxwings in the yard enjoying the pears that were still on the tree and the berries on the cedar trees. The weather has been unbelievably warm for November so I got out and cleaned up all the gardens and enjoyed all the company that flew in and out while I was working. You always have to have your camera ready as you never know what might grace you with there presence.
 This weekend we are off to the Pinery in hopes of enjoying all the sights the park has to offer as well as a relaxing stroll along the great beach. If your in the area be sure to stop by for a visit.

Coming in for a landing

Final approach....

Skipping through the water

Wipe out!!!

Scaring one of the other Herons away

Walking to its log perch

European Starling enjoying some pear

Starling and a Cedar Waxwing sharing together

Grey Squirrel collecting an acorn

Juvenile Cedar Waxwing puffball 

Downy Woodpecker on a bug hunt

Managed to capture the red tips on the wings

Chippy had an accident and lost most of her tail.
She is now short tail instead of long tail

Proper paw care is important

Do you mind, I'm trying to snooze
Adult Cedar Waxwing with a berry

Angels emerging  from the milkweed pods

Decisions, decisions. Which do I collect first

Sunflower seeds first

What are you looking at?

Big stretch to get the acorn

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