Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awenda Park Sept.7-9, 2012

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall.......
But we got more than a little!!! We arrived at our campsite
and the skies opened up and it poured for about an hour.
We finished setting up after the rain and headed out to
get wood for our campfires. We checked the weather and
it looked like we were in the clear for the evening so we
BBQ'd our supper and enjoyed a wonderful fire.
Through the night the rains came and so did the acorns.
If it wasn't the heavy rains waking us up it was the thuds
of the acorns hitting the roof. It amazed us how loud they
can be. It rained almost all day Saturday and at times it
was torrential and very windy. We decided to take a drive
into Penetanguishene and Midland for something to do.
While heading home the rain was so heavy that the roads
were flooded in spots. What else is there to do on a rainy
day but to have a nap and so that is what we did. We had
planned an indoor supper and then we headed out to a
campfire. We got the fire going nicely and it started to rain
once again. We got our trusty campfire umbrella out and
enjoyed the fire from a distance from under the awning.
Sunday the sun was shining and we enjoyed a hike to the lake
and took in a few of the sights of the park before our trip home.
We have been lucky this summer. This was our first week-end
with so much rain. The last week-end that was so wet was
early in the spring. Awenda is such a great park and the
sights are amazing if you can get out and enjoy them.

These pictures were all taken from our campsite.

Our view from our chairs under the awning during our wet
week-end away..........

Our site through the trees. Duncan is cooking Friday nights
supper. We enjoyed chicken, potato's and squash.

A new fungus I am still trying to identify. It was on a large
tree trunk behind our motor home.

Coral Fungus and green moss .

Bracket Fungus on a birch tree log.

Some acorns on a rock at the campsite.

This fella was enjoying an acorn snack. I was able to share a
few peanuts with it but only from a distance.

This reminded me of the Jacks we use to play with as kids.

Neither rain nor sleet can stop us from
enjoying our campfire.

The roadway in front of our campsite. Awenda is
a great forested park and has nice private sites.

Blue skies above our campsite and a shot of the acorn trees.


Lets go for a walk in the woods and see
what we can find as we explore and enjoy
the sunny day before we head home.

A pathway through the woods.

A view of Kettle Lake.
We watched a pair of loons diving and enjoying there lunch.

The lily pads at the marshy area of Kettle Lake.

There were only a few trees that were changing colors.

It was nice to see the sun shining through the trees

ITCH, ITCH........ If it's got leaves of three let it be!!!
Stay away from the poison ivy.

One of the many huge rocks dotting the paths and roadways
through the park.

Bright berries along the path in the woods.

A small section of pine trees on the roadway out of the park.
Note that there is little to no growth on the forest floor here.

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