Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Matheson Provincial Park"

On Wednesday morning I noticed about a dozen blue jays flying by and said it was time to fill the bird feeder with sunflower seeds. My hope is to keep some of the many birds visiting all winter long. Little did I know I would get so many visitors so quickly. I first noticed a couple of robins which I haven't seen for a while. I thought they had all left for the sunny south!! The cardinals were singing there short chirping song & the blue jays were squawking off in the distance so I knew they were still in the area. What surprised me, was just who was going to come and enjoy the seeds I had put out that morning. Just before supper I spotted our friend the rabbit and thought I should get a few shot of him enjoying a snack of fresh grass in the sunlight. Well, from there the visitors just kept surprising me. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed there company. I also captured a few flower shots before the frost wilts them away. ENJOY!!!

Robin in the apple tree

Black Eyes Susan 

Our friend, Peter Cotton Tail
Chickadee at the feeder

Wave Petunia

Mr. Cardinal in the apple tree

Mrs. Cardinal

Stella Dora Lily

Blue Jay on the fence post

Male Downy Woodpecker with a sunflower seed

Red Breasted Nuthatch (First sighting in our backyard)

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