Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Arrowhead Park, Aug.31-Sept.3 2012

What a difference a year makes!!!
We had an amazing week-end at Arrowhead Park.
It was a week-end of mixed emotions but the wildlife
was quite ready and willing to keep us entertained.
We have never had so much interaction with so my
different kinds of park friends. There was the Friday
evening visit with the deer. Saturday we had the
pleasure of chipmunk's, red squirrels & blue jays.
The chipmunk was the first to visit and it was
soon followed by the red squirrel. Before we knew
it the blue jays were vying for there share of peanuts.
What fun it was to see them all trying there best to
get there fair share of the treats. In the afternoon we
headed to Algonquin Park to check out the sights there.
We came across a few herons on our drive. One was in
a pond on the side of the main road. I have posted a
picture of this strange looking heron. When we returned
to our campsite it didn't take long for our visitors to return.
We enjoyed our second campfire of the week-end under
the bright sky of a full moon.
On Sunday morning while I was sitting outside I was joined
by a few very friendly chickadee's. I decided to try and see if
they would take a peanut from my hand. I stood there for only
a few minutes before the first of many started to land on my
fingertips to get a nut. What a pleasure it was to enjoy them
up so close to me. We also had a yellow bellied sapsucker
woodpecker join us for a while. It was busy trying to get its
lunch from in the trees. It worked away for quite some time.
Sunday afternoon our supply of peanuts was getting low so
a trip into Huntsville was in order. We toured around the
town for a short while and stopped at the train station to
get a few photos of the old luggage holders. We had an
early supper and headed down to the lake for a canoe
ride in the evening. We enjoyed the pleasure of a loon
and the amazing sunset out on the lake. We spent the
rest of the evening in front of another wonderful fire
and roasted a few hot dogs for a late night snack.
Monday was spent relaxing at our campsite enjoying
our last few hours with our special guests. At one point
on the week-end we had 3 chipmunks, 3 red squirrels,
4 blue jays, and about 8 chickadees all wanting there nuts
at the same time. We just couldn't keep up to the demand
and they were letting us know it. The red squirrel starting
chattering at us, the chipmunks we jumping up at us and
the blue jays started to steal the nuts out of the chipmunks
mouths as they were running to hide them.
Many of the campers left early that morning so we were
thinking that the traffic maybe wouldn't be so bad.
Well it took us 5 hours to get home but the drive through
the countryside was enjoyable. At one point on Highway 11
the traffic was moving very slowly and we were wondering
why. Well, we found out and we were not amused.
There was a model T ford parked at the end of a driveway
with a for sale sign on it and everyone was slowing down
to look at it. Duncan said it was a "guy thing".
The drive along Highway 89 and the Airport Rd was well
worth the trip. The scenery is always breathtaking.
What a week-end full of wonderful memories that will
be hard to top.
Below is a few of the more than 600 photos taken.....

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Fall

The leaves are starting to show there fall beauty.

The red and golds of fall.

A leaf in all its glory.

I'm not shy!!!
Bambi in full view at the edge of the woods.

A close up of the fawn.

Mom is being shy.
Too busy in the woods eating an evening snack.

Visitors Enjoying Peanuts At Our Campsite

A chickadee getting a nut out of Duncan's hand.

Its a small nut, but I will enjoy it.

Chickadee perched on the tips of my fingers.

I got a NUT!!!

Blue Jay in action heading to the tree.

Blue Jay looking for more peanuts.

Juvenile Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Woodpecker.

Red Squirrel enjoying a nut.

Time to relax.
Its hard work hiding these peanuts.......

Duncan's "Sous Chef"
He knows his peanuts.......

I am going to sit and enjoy this one.

Sunset & Campfire


Stubbs Falls on the Big East River.

Looking down on the lower part of the falls.

Huge rocks beside the falls.

Ripples from a water spider in the reflection.

Reflections in the river above the falls.

An evening canoe ride on Arrowhead Lake

Algonquin Park

The water levels were quite low in some of the
ponds in Algonquin Park. This is were we got
the beaver pictures last year.

This Blue Heron is either trying to warm or cool
itself off. I have never seen one doing this before.
It stood like this for quite some time. It was quite
a distance away so the quality is not that good.

Trip Home

A look down in the valley along the road home.

A view from our drive home along Airport Rd.
The views are always fabulous through this roller
coaster Niagara Escarpment route.

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