Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Port Burwell, Sept. 14-16 2012

It was another great week-end at Port Burwell.
The rain stopped just after we arrived and we headed
out to buy wood to enjoy an evening by the campfire.
Since Friday night was the only night we would be in 
the park at sunset I wanted to be sure to get down to 
the beach for some pictures. I was not disappointed.
It was another great evening to watch the sun set over 
Lake Erie.
Sunset on the point with clouds for added effect
Golden reflections on the shoreline
Sunset through the beach grasses
The sun glistening on the beach grass

The sun with a pumpkin face

Saturday was a day away from the park to be spent with family for the wedding of Duncan's nephew. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. We enjoyed time with family and were able to catch with our niece's and nephews.

Jushua & Michelle's Wedding

The HAPPY couple

The handsome Groom
Michelle was a beautiful Bride
Racheal was the flower girl and Connor was the ring bearer. They are our great neice and nephew.
Nannie (May Taylor, 99yrs) sharing some free advice with the newlyweds........
Jushua surprises his Mom with a big kiss!!!
There has to be a funny family picture of the occasion. Was Brandy's singing that funny........
An evening reception in the great outdoors at the golf course pavilion.

Sunday we enjoyed a relaxing morning as I woke with a terrible headache. After a late breakfast we packed up and headed to the beach to check out the surf. I have never seen Lake Erie so rough at Port Burwell. You could actually see the under toe with some of the waves that were coming on shore. Lets just say it was not going to be a water day. I opted for a nap and was able to relieve most of the throbbing in my head. Duncan warmed up the pizza we had cooked earlier on the BBQ and enjoyed a light supper before heading home. We will have to wait until next year to enjoy the sun and sand of Port Burwell again.
Sunlight and reflections on the berry vines
Fungus with a fallen leaf. Yes, the leaves were falling from the trees this week-end
A downy woodpecker came for a visit to our campsite.
The seagulls took flight when I headed to the shore.
The rough waters on Sunday at Lake Erie
It was great watching the waves crashing as they headed for shore.

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