Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Point Farms June 15-17 2012

We enjoyed our week-end at Point Farms even though
there were a few disappointments. Were traveled up to
Tiverton to get some of my delicious hot chocolate at
a gift shop in town but for some reason it was not open.
On the way back we stopped at Pine River Cheese and
stocked up on our favorite cheeses. Yum!!!
When we got back to our camp site we headed to the
Lake for a walk on the beach. The water was like glass.
What a sight to behold. I was able to get some unusual
pictures of the lake bottom as there were no waves to
interfere with the view. We went for a long walk in the
lake and enjoyed the underwater sights.
Saturday was the day we had been waiting for since last
summer. We were off to the bakery in Goderich for there
unbelievable donuts. Unfortunately there was a sign on
the door. "CLOSED Sat. June 16th" Well our hearts sunk
and our stomachs cried.......... NO DONUTS. What were
we to do without our fix of yummy ooey gooey donuts that
we had waited so long to have!!! :(
We walked the main square, shopped at the market
and some of the shops but we longed for our donuts.
Sunday we biked on the trail and walked the beach.
As we were heading out of the park Duncan noticed
that the odometer was about to change to 15,ooo miles
so I had to get a photo of that. We have enjoyed every
mile of our journey that Arista has given us. Looking
forward to all the adventures to come.

A great country scene.
Fence post, wires and mustard fields.

Amazing Yellows.
Mustard fields near Tiverton.

Reflections on the water from the "Seagull Conference"
at the rocks.

The ripples on the lake from us walking in the water.

The sun glistens on the rocks through the calm waters
at the edge of the lake.

I found the letter "B" for Brittany in the sand.

My shadow as I took a picture of the sand patterns
through the water.

Sunset over Lake Huron

Tracks in the sand. What left this pattern behind as we
saw it at different spots on the beach?

The odometer turned to 15,000 miles on Arista. We
have put over 8,000 miles on the motor home.

Pictures of the carvings that were done to
the tree stumps after the tornado in August
2011. The Town Sqaure looks so different
without all of its stately trees.

Old man looking out towards the lake.

A Piper

A tribute to the Nursing Sisters.

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