Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Port Burwell June 22-24 2012

It is always nice to take the short trip to get
to Port Burwell. One of my first things to do
was to see if the fields beside our site were
filled with carrots again this year. NO carrots!!!
They had planted corn this year. Duncan
said the bunnies must have been eating to
many of them so they planted something
different.....lol Saturday we spent the
afternoon on the beach. We did get part
way into the water but it was a little too
cool for me. It did feel good just to be able
to cool off a bit. We had a yummy supper
and enjoyed a relaxing evening at the
campfire.We packed up early on Sunday
as we were heading to Joe's in Toronto
for a family get together.

Great evening campfires.

This is a Comma Butterfly that has seen better days.
I like the shadow I was able to capture.

Beach Art. This reminded me of an elephant. (use your
imaginations) The shadow looks like the head of a
woodpecker, therefore it is an elephant with a
woodpecker resting on its back.

There were many plants like this along the trail.

There were a number of young Sassafras Trees growing
along the trail.

These flowers were a sweet draw for the swallowtail

This young bunny spent many hours grazing on our
campsite. Dandelion leaves were the favorite choice.

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