Monday, June 18, 2012

Wheatley Park June 8-10 2012

We had some great adventures this week-end. We drove
to Point Pelee and hiked some trails and walked the
Boardwalk at the marsh. Near the Visitors Centre there
were a number of Swallows nesting so we took in the
sights of the young ones being constantly fed by mom
and dad.
On our way we stopped at the Pelee Wings Store
and bought a few things. One was a peanut feeder
for at our campsites so we can enjoy watching nature up
close. When Duncan put it out it took less than 10 minutes
for the blue jays to find it. How do they know so quickly
that there are peanuts there??? I learned that the jays are
very quick at grabbing a nut and flying off with it so it was
not going to be easy to get pictures. There were two muscrats
busy working in the marsh at our campsite so that was also
fun to watch.
Sunday morning we received a call from Joe saying Walsh
had passed away during the night so we had a rather quiet
and sad day.
We always enjoy our trips to the southern tip as nature
and wildlife are always there waiting for us to enjoy.

Brake for Snakes
A garter snake on the road at our camp site to greet us.
Brittany would have been half way back home if she had
been with us on this trip.

Wood Art: "The Eagle Has Landed"

Wall art on the clay edges along parts of the Wheatley

Pink colored sand on a clay patch at the beach.
Reminded us of Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda.

Tree Hugs
This is what you call an Old Oak Tree.
I look rather small next to it.

Evening sunset over the marsh from our campsite.

Blue Jay ready for take off with his peanut.

Cactus growing at Point Pelee our most
southerly point in Canada.

I tried to get a good picture of this mom Black Tern
sitting on her nest but Father Black Tern was trying to
take my head off by swooping at me so I thought it
best that I move on.

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