Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Clancy Oasis" June 24 2012

Mom would be so proud to see all of us enjoying Joe's
wonderful backyard oasis. She said we would have
a great get together there and we were able to do just
that. Its to bad she wasn't here to enjoy it in person
but her spirit was with us. Janet was planning a
week-end trip to Joe's so the challenge was on to
get us all together for a visit in Toronto. We pulled
it off and had a great time. Thanks to Joe and Deborah
for all of there hard work. The food was delicious. Taylor
made a wonderful cake and we were all able to wish
Graeme a Happy Birthday. It was so nice to see everyone
and I am looking forward to our Clancy reunion in August.
Duncan did enjoy his cappuccino latte and the wait was
well worth it!!!!

Niece Aurora enjoying the hot tub.

Having fun in the water.

The pool with a wonderful waterfall running into it. At
the other end there is a hot tub to soak in.

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