Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pinery June 1-3, 2012

The previous campers on our site left a hummingbird
feeder behind so we had the pleasure of watching these
tiny friends all week-end long. We just had to listen and
we heard them arriving. What fun it was to have there
company for the week-end.

Just had to get a shot of me with the Beach
Art. We strolled, enjoyed the bright sun and
the sounds of the waves along the Lake Huron

Lets go for a walk in the woods

The trail as we reach the forests edge and begin our walk
through the trees.

If you tilt your head back you can look up
and enjoy the sky through the many species
of pine that grow in the park.

Along some of the open spaces on the trail you will have
great bursts of color to enjoy. How can you not stop and
get a shot of these yellow buttercups.

A new white flower is just starting its life on the forest
floor. You can't miss seeing this one.

The bright orange of this lily is sure to catch your eye as
you approach it on the side of the trail.

While hiking you may be lucky to spot 5 Turkey Vultures
resting on the barren branches along the way.

While walking through the woods you may come across a
pond if you take the short path to the right. Sit for a while
and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Be sure to look around the edges of the pond for
wonderful flora growing. This iris is looking amazing.

On the shoulders of the pond you can enjoy flowers
blooming on the Ninebark nearby.

Looking down along the trails you can enjoy the wonders
of the fungi that grow on the fallen tree branches.

If you look up you see the leaves of the Tulip Tree.

Look down on the forest floor and you see that the flowers
of the Tulip Tree have all but finished there show but you
can still enjoy there beauty.

If you climb and climb you can reach the highest point
in the park and enjoy the view from above the tree tops.

I hope you enjoyed the hike through the woods and we
look forward to sharing another adventure soon.

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