Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Awenda, Oct.11-14 2013

What an amazing weekend. It reminded me of the week when Drew was born, warm and sunny. Duncan reminded me that this would be the last long weekend of the camping season. I replied that we could maybe be really lucky and be out here at Christmas time. Wishful thinking on my part. I never want the season to end as I cherish the wonderful time we have out exploring nature and enjoying special times together.
The colours of nature were really showing there best and I loved every minute of the display. Driving up through the Airport Road was just the start of a brilliantly colourful adventure. I always have mixed feelings at this time of year. As much as I love all the beauty the trees show us it also means that winter is on its way. Fall was always moms favourite season and I'm learning to appreciate it more as time goes by.
Saturday we were ready to head out to the Wye Marsh in Midland when Duncan discovered we had a flat time. Thank goodness for real spares! Once we changed it we were off to see the marsh and the wonderful display of birds that they have. It was amazing to be able to see them so close. There were owls, hawks and kestrels. Brittany would have loved these amazing birds.
Sunday we had cottage guests. Mike and Wendy stopped by to see our new motor home before we headed out to Balm Beach for lunch. We enjoyed a great meal and had a wonderful visit. After lunch we went to La Fontaine to see their fifth wheel and see where they will be camping next season. Looking forward to our next get together here somewhere.
Monday we explored around the park for a while before packing up and heading out for the drive home.
We had three wonderful evenings at the campfire and I enjoyed my last package of Tiramisu hot chocolate as the company doesn't make it anymore. :(  I have found another flavour that is similar but not quite the same but it will have to do to satisfy my craving. Awenda is a wonderful park and I encourage all of you to travel and explore this park.

Thanksgiving Weekend Memories
View along Airport Road

Kettle Lake at Awenda Park

These Striped Maple Trees glowed in the forest

The witch we had on our park post

St. Ann's Church in Penetanguishene from across the Bay

Still some boats and planes in the harbour

Geometry in the reeds

Flat as a crepe........

Wye Marsh with Martyrs' Shrine in the background

My first photos of Tundra Swans

I got to hand feed some Chickadees

Close up of an American Kestrel

Spectacled Owl

Snowy Owl

Reflections on Kettle Lake at sunset

Muskrat enjoying an evening swim

Traveling along the golden road at Awenda

Early sunset on Georgian Bay
Clouding over just before sunset
A forest of many colours
Morning beauty at Kettle Lake

Looking up through the maple tree

Chipmunks were not to friendly this weekend

Heading home on the Airport Road

Looking down at the fall colours

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