Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Hike of the Fall

It is time to get back to my weekly hikes with friends since the busy summer has ended and we have more time to explore this great area we live in. Wednesday Nancy and I headed down towards  Dundas to check out Webster's Falls and Spencer Gorge. What a beautiful spot it was. There were still fall colours to enjoy and it was sunny with warming temperatures. The views were amazing along the trails and even better when we made it out to Dundas Peak. This is definitely a spot we will explore again.

The top view of Webster's Falls

It is over a 30 meter drop to the bottom

Golden beauty was all around

Tew's Falls is a 40 meter drop to the bottom

Nancy riding the horsey tree

Downy Woodpecker having a shake

View from Dundas Peak looking towards Hwy #8

Red squirrel enjoying some berries

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