Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MacGregor Point, Oct. 4-6 2013

It was a sunny day with a bit of humidity and we were off for a weekend at MacGregor.  I was still not feeling the greatest but better to be away in nature if your feeling under the weather. We traveled up to Sauble Falls on Friday as I heard the salmon and trout were climbing the falls and we wanted to see this first hand. We were able to watch them jumping and making there way up steam. We then spent a lazy evening enjoying the campfire.
The curse of MacGregor may still be haunting us as our motorized step broke not long after arriving so we had to go to buy a 2 step footstool so we could get in and out.
Saturday we did a bit of touring around the area and picked up our winter supply of squash at the farm market. We went to the tower trail and spent some time at the bird blind. We also drove through the park looking for deer on both days but this is the first time that we were not able to find any in our travels. After enjoying a wonderful supper cooked in the crock pot we spent the rest of the evening in front of a roaring fire.
Sunday morning I was able to solve the mystery of what was eating the few peanuts we had put out. Up until that point it had been elusive. It turned out that a chipmunk had been visiting and taking them away. Just before we were getting ready to head out we had the pleasure of a couple of blue jays stop by to enjoy a few nuts as well.
Thanksgiving weekend we will be heading up to Awenda and I'm hoping the trees will be ablaze in there fall colours. We will be enjoying our turkey dinner on Thursday with family so that we can all have leftovers on the weekend.

A tiny nest in a tree on our site

Its amazing how such a small bird can build this

Life after the flowers are finished

The leaves on this tree had a wonderful rust colour

View from the tower trail

Our walk on the trail with some fall colour

This flower was still very much in full bloom

The bees are still collecting pollen

Mushrooms on a birch log

Wild turkeys crossing a country road

A paper wasp nest in a tree of orange colour

A maple tree ablaze in red

We finally got to see you.......

Speak no evil

Looking to fill her cheeks again

Blue jay wanting to get a nut or two

Unusual to see a white horse pulling a buggy

Sauble Falls
This goose won't be flying south with only one wing

Blue heron at the falls looking for supper

Checking for something near the edge of the river

Flying back over to the falls

A trout resting after getting part way up the falls

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