Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Point Farms, Sept 27-29 2013

It was a week-end of mixed emotions. The excitement of getting our fix of the best donuts in the world and the sadness that this is our last trip to Goderich for the year. Point Farms will be closing after Thanksgiving for the winter. Will we survive without the pleasure of those melt in your mouth treats until spring? It was another great fall week-end and we got out and enjoyed as much of this warm weather as we could.
We did our usual trip to Culbert's Bakery to put in our order for Saturday morning and then headed north to Pine River Cheese. We enjoyed a late dinner of burgers and a salad as I had to enjoy the evening sunset. It is always so amazing to watch from the cliffs at this park. The rest of the evening was spent in front of a roaring campfire with my yummy hot chocolate to savor and the peaceful silence of the park.
Saturday we had a late start to the day but we knew our donuts would be waiting for us to enjoy. We walked the market and a few of the shops in the square in Goderich before heading down to the chip wagon at the beach for some poutine. We then toured around the area and headed to Blyth to the Old Mill Store. We decided that it was not our type of store and headed back to camp. It was going to be another late supper as I had to enjoy my last sunset of the year from Point Farms. Duncan got supper cooking while I enjoyed the beautiful sinking of the sun over Lake Huron. We enjoyed a delicious meal and the bbq'd squash was soooo good! We relaxed the rest of the day away in front of the flickers and flames of the fire.
Sunday we walked the beach for a while. It was overcast and windy and we were going to get rain in the afternoon. It was nice having the beach all to ourselves except for the gulls and geese. We had a late breakfast and just relaxed outside until it was time to head home. We stopped off at Jim and Susan's to deliver the cookies we picked up for them at the bakery. We were kind and shared some of our yummy donuts with them. They were quite impressed with the boston creme that they tried. I think they will be taking a drive up to Goderich to enjoy more of those to die for treats!!!

Farewell to Point Farms for the year
Green Heron at the pond

Walking the plank

It's wing spam is amazing

Sunset on the Sumac

Come sit by the cliff edge

Almost sinking below the horizon

Golden beauty by the rivers edge

Huge growth ball at the top of the pine tree

Sunbathing Painted Turtle

Still blooming strong by the pond 

Old Train Station at the Old Mill in Blyth

Saturdays early sunset at the park

Red sky at night, a sailors delight

The only brave ones to be in the water

The deer have been down to the water for a drink

Fall colours on an overcast day

Just checking my nails........

Duncan found Spiderman at the beach

Milkweed seeds blowing in the wind
Yellow Jacket enjoying one of the many fallen apples

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