Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MacGregor, Oct 25-27 2013

We are still out adventuring but if this cold weather keeps up this may be our last one. It was a windy week-end and we were lucky that most of the rain or ice pellets fell in the evening or through the night. We were able to finish watching the series of shows on the Frozen Planet. If you get the chance to watch this series I strongly suggest you spend the time as the scenery is amazing. You will witness things you will most likely only see by watching it. We drove to Southampton after arriving so that I could pick up my order of French Vanilla Cappuccino hot chocolate then we enjoyed a yummy dinner from the Fusion restaurant in Southampton for a treat. Saturday morning I spent time photographing the birds and red squirrel that came to visit. In the afternoon we headed to Southampton to check out how the house renovations were coming along at my cousin John's. Wow, we were amazed at how much had been done since we were up there in September. It is really coming together and the changes are really looking good. They are hoping to be moved back in by the end of November. I hope you make it so you are settled and ready to enjoy Christmas in your "new" home. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner that cooked in the slow cooker and a lazy evening. The sun made an appearance for a while on Sunday and the warmth was wonderful. This week-end we are off to Windsor for my cousins wedding. We are looking forward to this special week-end and the fun time with cousins and friends. If the weather gods are nice we will head out on another adventure the following week-end. I will keep you posted as the time approaches.

Our campsite for the week-end
We were the only people on this loop so it 
really felt like we were alone in the woods 

Ice pellets on the ground at the park

Mushroom on the middle of our site. 
We made sure not to run over it when we parked.

Still some great fall colours in the trees

The water was really high at Denny's Dam north of Southampton

Chantry Island on a windy, overcast day

The fungus is as white as the snow was
Puffed out to keep warm

Hand feeding the chickadees

Red squirrel in the cedar tree

Trying to get some nuts from the feeder

Munching on a sunflower seed

Mrs Nuthatch being hand fed
Mr. Nuthatch was too shy to feed from my hand

A first for me
They were both on the feeder to photograph

Saturday at sunset behind our campsite

Blue Jay posing for a picture

Another first 
Unusual to have two Blue Jays so close together

One Jay trying to keep the others away from the nuts
There were five of them for a while
House Renovations
Laying the hardwood in the kitchen

The front door is finally in

New master ensuite addition

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